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Collection Agency Services
Posted on: May 3 2016

About our collection agency services
E-Credit Management delivers a seamless and cost-effective start-to-finish credit management and debt recovery services.


Debt recovery action guarantee
We understand that when a client engages our collection agency, they have already waited long enough to receive their money. That is why we guarantee to start working on matters immediately. We guarantee to take same day action on debtors referred on a business day by 4pm AEST. We guarantee to take next business day action on debts referred on a business day after 4pm AEST, public holidays or weekends. Debt referral is simple using our website, fax or email.


Quick and proactive collection agency services
We continue our responsive attitude throughout the whole debt recovery cycle. Being proactive is often the difference between success and failure in debt recovery. Debtor queries and client requests or instructions are responded to without delay so that matters are always moving towards finalisation. We take the steps to make genuine contact with debtors rather than issuing generic letters, automated phone calls and text messages. We make all efforts to actually speak with the debtor, identify any issues or risks and quickly resolve any problems.
Our clients get paid quicker with our no-nonsense, straight to the point approach.

Our clients are always confident that they are receiving value for their money.

Our collection agency services include:

  • Telephone collections
  • Issuing demand letters
  • Resolving debtor queries and disputes
  • Entering / monitoring payment arrangements
  • Negotiating settlements
  • Arranging field calls and skiptracing
  • Accounts receivable ledger management current to 120+ days
  • Liaising with liquidators, administrators, receivers and trustees in bankruptcy


When legal action is necessary

It is a fact of accounts receivable management that legal action is sometimes essential to effect debt recovery. When legal action is necessary, we provide clients with a detailed written recommendation which: satisfies our clients that every effort has been made to recover the debt without legal action, provides an easy to understand explanation of the legal step and a clear quote of the costs that will be involved. Our clients are never left in the dark. We proceed with legal action only with our client’s approval and we
ensure that our clients know what to expect with the legal process and what costs will be involved.


Low-cost and efficient conduct of legal action

Our proactive and thorough approach in the early days means we’ve done a lot of the work before legal action starts. When available, we issue all proceedings directly onto the courts online lodgement system. This helps us provide a faster turnaround for our clients and quicker finalisation of debt recovery matters. Time delays and costs are reduced by us because we have often already dealt with the issues that arise during litigation. Legal costs are further minimised because we do the groundwork for our clients, including preparing court documents, witness statements, affidavits and notices of motion; as well as liasing with solicitors and courts. Our clients are kept well informed of the progress of all legal matters in plain and clear language.
Our debt recovery litigation services include

  • Issuing and serving statement of claim
  • Obtaining default judgment
  • Judgment enforcement proceedings
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Winding up proceedings
  • Lodgement of caveats

Our collection agency services are delivered by working with a network of experienced and trusted solicitors and agents which, together with our practical working knowledge and experience in debt recovery litigation, allows us to provide cost-effective and seamless legal debt recovery services.

Contact Details
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    65-67 Burelli Street
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    Telephone: 02 9526 3333