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About our collections agency
Posted on: May 3 2016

E-Credit Management is a licensed commercial agent and private inquiry agent. We have been providing debt collection services since 2000.


Personalised and accountable

Our collections agency employs a skilled team of qualified and licensed debt collection officers with backgrounds in debt collection, credit management, accounting, law and customer service. Our high staff retention rate ensures our clients can contact a familiar staff member who understands their business, each time our debt collection services are needed.


Experienced in many industries

Our debt collection team has extensive experience in assisting businesses from a broad range of industries such as: insurance, trades, building and construction, retail, telecommunications, education, IT, finance, electrical, transport, medical, wholesale, manufacturing, professional services, entertainment and many more.


Hundreds of large and small organisations Australia-wide have engaged our collections agency. We have developed long-term relationships with all of our past clients and a high level of repeat business indicates our proven ability to deliver a superior and reliable debt collection services.
Smart users of the latest technologies


E-Credit Management’s efficient use of technology has streamlined and automated many debt collection tasks, resulting in a fast turnaround for our clients and allowing our staff the maximum time to concentrate on actual debt collection services. Clients can view, in real-time via our web site, all debt collection file notes and can monitor all of our collections agency activity relating to their matters.


Quality service for all business sizes

We have designed our collections agency to allow us to provide quality credit management and debt collection services to both small and large businesses.
Reliable and transparent collections agency
When larger organisations delegate the task of instructing a collections agency, management needs a trustworthy, reliable, transparent provider. E-Credit Management’s online tools and customised reporting allows management to keep track of the progress of volume debt collections, and to easily view debt collection results, statistics and costs.
Customer service oriented and honest


Small businesses benefit from our focused, customer service oriented approach to providing debt collection services. Our collections agency will give you an honest appraisal of the prospects of recovering a debt and a clear indication of the cost involved. We understand that a slow paying customer can place a critical strain on business cash flow and operations. We appreciate that small businesses do not have the resources to chase delinquent debtors or to pay a solicitor or accountant for every demand letter sent or telephone call. Our collections agency pricing model makes obtaining professional assistance cost effective.


Receive debtor payments faster

A collections agency usually banks debtor payments into their trust account, holding the money for up to a month before releasing it to the client often with the collections agency fees deducted. This gives the client little opportunity to query costs and often hidden costs go overlooked. Unless specifically instructed by the client to do so, E-Credit does not bank debtor payments into a trust account. It’s your money – we want you to get it faster.


Trusted debt collection services

Regardless of the size of the company or the volume of work, we are well aware that our clients are trusting us to look after their most crucial business asset – their money. This is why our proven ability to deliver a total debt collection solution gives our clients confidence when continuing to instruct our collections agency to provide them with debt collection services.

Contact Details
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    65-67 Burelli Street
    Wollongong NSW 2500

    Telephone: 02 9526 3333