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Our Collection Agency Pricing

E-Credit Management offers clear and easy to understand pricing for our debt collection services.

Our clients know exactly what our costs will be from the outset. We guarantee there will never be any hidden costs.

Except where searches or legal action have been approved by our client, the only costs are a debt referral fee when lodging a debt and commission upon successful recovery.

Read more about our prices below.

E-Credit Management Pricing Schedule
All of our fees are listed below:
  • Debt Referral Fee

    Payable for each debt referred

    Original Debt Referred Fee Excl.GST
    Debt $10,000 or less $50.00
    Debt greater than $10,000 $80.00
  • Success Commissions

    Payable on payment/s received in reduction of the debt

    Original Debt Referred Rate Excl.GST
    $1,000 or less 20%
    $1,000 to $10,000 15%
    $10,001 to $30,000 10%
    $30,001 or greater 5%
  • Search Fees

    Search Fees and Agent Fees
    Searches or field agents are not always necessary. We provide you with a detailed recommendation and quote of the fees if we believe a search or a field agent is necessary. We only incur these costs if you tell us to proceed.
  • Legal Costs

    Legal Costs
    If we believe legal action is necessary to recover the debt, we provide you with a detailed recommendation, explaining why it is the best option, and a quote of the costs. You decide if you want us to proceed.  We do not incur legal costs unless you have agreed for us to go ahead.

    We will negotiate our fees if you have volume collections. Please call us to discuss.

More information about our prices

Debt Referral Fee

We charge a debt referral fee per debt which is payable when the debt is referred. This fee goes towards covering our costs of making every effort to collect the debt for our clients. We do not charge a joining fee or annual fee or fees for letters, phone calls, emails, administration, monitoring payment arrangements, negotiations or reports along the way.

Low Success Commission

When we collect part or all of the debt, we charge a low success commission on the amount recovered. We know that by the time the debt is referred to us, the cost of carrying the debt has already eaten into our clients profit. That is why we keep our rates clear and low. The success commission isthe further incentive for us to recover the debt.

Search Fees and Agents Fees

We sometimes need to conduct searches or send agents to a debtor’s address, such as to locate a debtor or verify an address. Both steps incur costs so a recommendation is provided by us with details of the expected costs and it is always our client’s decision to proceed.

Legal costs

Every attempt is made to recover debts without legal action but sometimes legal action is necessary. We provide clients with a written recommendation and include a detailed report of efforts made by us to recover the debt, an easy to understand explanation of the legal steps and a clear quote of the costs. We never proceed without our client’s instructions.