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E-Credit Services

E-Credit Management delivers a seamless and cost-effective start-to-finish credit management and debt recovery service.

We provide a debt collection service that is proactive, thorough and appropriate.

By the time a client has instructed us, they have already waited long enough for their money. We are always moving matters to finalisation and we always keep our clients up to date on their matters.

Fast, Proactive Debt Collection

We continue our responsive attitude throughout the whole debt recovery cycle. Being proactive is often the difference between success and failure in debt recovery.

Debtor queries and client requests or instructions are responded to without delay so that matters are always moving towards finalisation.

We take the steps to make genuine contact with debtors rather than issuing generic letters, automated phone calls and text messages.

We make all efforts to actually speak with the debtor, identify any issues or risks and quickly resolve any problems.

Our clients get paid quicker with our no-nonsense, straight to the point approach.

Debt Collection Services

Our services include:

  • Telephone collections
  • Issuing demand letters
  • Resolving debtor queries and disputes
  • Entering and monitoring payment arrangements
  • Volume collections for large clients
  • Negotiating settlements
  • Arranging field calls and skiptracing
  • Accounts receivable management (current to 120+ days)

Managing the conduct of legal action: *

  • Statement of claim
  • Default judgment
  • Writ for levy of property
  • Garnishee orders
  • Examination orders
  • Bankruptcy
  • Winding up
  • Caveats

Legal action for E-Credit clients is conducted by Clear View Lawyers.

Efficient Conduct of Legal Action

Legal action is sometimes necessary to recover a debt.

When legal action is needed, we provide our clients with the options. We ensure that we have made every effort to recover the debt without legal action.  A clear quote of legal costs is provided and legal action is commenced only with approval from our client.

Our proactive and thorough approach in the early days means we’ve usually sorted out any issues before legal action starts. This prevents delays and reduces costs during litigation. We keep clients well informed about all legal matters in plain, clear language.

* Legal action for our clients is conducted by Clear View Lawyers and managed by E-Credit.  E-Credit shares the same owners as Clear View Lawyers which means we can make sure that legal action is conducted quickly, properly and cost-effectively for our clients.